Stay with me

In Development

A 4-part drama following Eric Fielding, a middle-aged doctor who, on holiday, shares a life-changing affair with a stranger. When she cuts off the relationship without an explanation. Eric returns home to his work – an experimental cancer treatment. Eric is torn when he realises that the woman with whom he had an affair is on the shortlist for the treatment and facing a fatal diagnosis. Fate having brought them back together, they renew their bond. But when the treatment begins to work even better than expected, he faces an ethical dilemma; it’s up to him who receives the experimental drug and who remains in the control group, receiving nothing more than a placebo. The power of life and death is in his hands. Was their romantic encounter really down to chance? Will he really risk his glittering medical career by not revealing to his superiors that he has a previous relationship with this woman? Will he choose to believe in love and save her Should he?