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    • Social media management

    • Website SEO (Basic)

    • 8 Social Media posts


    • Social media management
    • 1 in-person content creation visit

    • 1-page Business Website

    • Website SEO (Advanced)

    • 12 Social Media posts

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    • Social media management

    • 2 in-person content creation visits

    • 3-page Business Websites

    • Website SEO (Advanced & Analytics)

    • 20 Social Media posts.

    • 30 Social Media Direct Messages to potential customers.


    • Social media management

    • 3 in-person content creation visits

    • 5-page Business Website

    • Website SEO (Advanced & Analytics)

    • 30 Social Media posts.

    • 60 Social Media Direct Messages to potential customers.

    • £50 Google PPC and Facebook Advertising Campaign.

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